A brand new start!

I’ve got news for you! Did you know that I celebrated 1 year as a business owner recently? I started my business and life as a creative entrepreneur September 1st 2018. A lot can happen in a year and I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished - I’ve debuted as a fabric designer with not only one but two fabric collections, I’ve published seven online classes and became a Skillshare Top Teacher (one of the top 1% of all teachers on the entire platform) and there’s ten times more lovely people who follow my work and creative life online then it was a year ago…

On a more personal note the biggest news is that I’ve gotten married, to Adrian - the love of my life. And as we wanted to have the same surname and I absolutely adore his, I’ve changed my name to Maja Faber (previously Rönnbäck). With the name change comes a great opportunity for some rebranding and redesign of my website and I’m so excited to finally release my new brand and website for you today.

As I’ve been in business for a year there’s still a bunch of places online with my old name, Maja Rönnbäck. I’m working on changing them all, but this will take some time - so bare with me.

For now you can check out my new:
Instagram username: @maja_faber
New domain name: www.majafaber.com
New e-mail: hello@majafaber.com

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Win 1 year of free premium membership on Skillshare
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I have some really exciting news to share - I recently became a Top Teacher on Skillshare, which means that I'm considered the top 1 percent of best teachers on the entire platform. I'm so honoured and proud and I really couldn't have done it without all of my amazing students who watch my classes, gives me such great feedback and lovely reviews. 

As a thank you I'm hosting a giveaway this summer where you can win 1 year of free premium membership on Skillshare. 

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is this:

  1. Follow me on Instagram & Skillshare

  2. Create a project in at least one of my classes on Skillshare

  3. Upload the project on Skillshare AND share it on Instagram and tag me with @majaronnbackdesign (share in stories or feed, your choice)

Note that if you previously have made a project in one of my classes you need to make a new project to be eligible to win this giveaway.

The giveaway continues for 6 weeks, from June 19 to July 31 and the winner will be selected by me and notified in August.

You could for example create a digital look book for yourself and publish it online as a project. Check out my new class - Create & Publish Your Design Look Book here: https://skl.sh/2KRlez1

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LAUNCH of Faber Co website

I’ve always been a bit of a tech nerd. I really enjoy diving into technical issues and trying to find the best solution to solve them - as well as to learn everything about it. With Faber Co I get to nourish my inner nerd and Adrian his artistic soul - as we explore the world of creating digital design assets together.  Faber Co is where we combine our technical skills with our knowledge and experience in design and art to create carefully selected, high quality design assets to be used in your artwork. Read more about us here >>

We started Faber Co as a way of creating together. I’ve been interested in design assets myself since I first started to learn about graphic design and have both bought and created products for myself during the years - and we are both completely mesmerised by using the iPad as a design tool and to draw in the brilliant app Procreate.

We started a shop at Creative Market a few months ago. It’s such a great marketplace for design assets, but we also wanted to have a place that is ours where we could gather everything in one place - tutorials, brush demos, our web shop and to have a closer connection with our customers. This is why we have launched a Faber Co website www.faberdesign.co and an Instagram account @faberdesign.co.

Our new website is a place where you can learn more about Procreate and see our products be used in action. We want it to be a hub for creativity and learning, with the focus on our favourite design tool - the iPad.

To celebrate the launch we offer a 50% DISCOUNT on all of our products for 3 days (May 13 - May 16). Subscribe to Faber Co newsletter to get the discount code, click here.

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Learn how to design a pattern collection

I've published my 6th class on Skillshare! Learn how to design a pattern collection and streamline your workflow, using Adobe Draw and Illustrator in this new fully packed class. 

You will learn how to decide a theme and plan your collection, what a collection should include and the workflow of drawing your motives and build your collection. The class covers color choices, how to name the patterns, save the files and finally make some mockups to showcase your new collection.

It can be quite tricky to make pattern collections and it might feel like a large project to start with. But once you get a hang of it, making collections is so much fun and it's so rewarding to create a whole collection of coordinating patterns that mix and match beautifully together. 

In this class I will teach you the process that I uses when I create collections and hopefully you can use this to streamline your workflow and simplify your process when creating collections.

Enroll here >>>

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Discover Your Color Style + Win a Bundle of Fabrics

I've just published my new class where you'll learn everything that I know about colors in pattern design and I’m very happy to announce a special giveaway that me and my fellow pattern designer Kristina Hultkrantz are hosting together in connection with the launch of our newest classes on Skillshare.

To celebrate that we are both releasing our debut fabric collections with Paintbrush Studio Fabrics we have gotten together to host this joint giveaway. In this special giveaway, 2 winners shall be chosen to win a bundle of fabrics from both our fabric collections. The bundle includes a total of ten fat quarters from our collections - five from each. In addition to winning the fabric bundles you will also win a personal review from one of us on your class project. In Kristina's class this means a review from her of your collection and in my class this means a review of your colorways. The review will be written personally to you in an e-mail and you can even include any questions that you have for us and we will answer them personally for you. 


To enter the giveaway you need to do the following before Thursday April 4th 2019: 

1. Enroll in both of our new classes here on Skillshare (Majas class Mastering Colors in Pattern Design: Discover Your Color Style and Kristinas class Design a Fabric Collection: Everything you need to know about designing for the fabric industry)

2. Create a class project in one or both of our classes and share it on the project page. If you upload a project in both classes you will double you chances of winning the giveaway.

There will be 2 winners in this giveaway and the winners will be announced on Friday April 5th by us both at our Instagram stories @majaronnbackdesign & @emmakisstina

Maja Faber