A brand new start!


I’ve got news for you! Did you know that I celebrated 1 year as a business owner recently? I started my business and life as a creative entrepreneur September 1st 2018. A lot can happen in a year and I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished - I’ve debuted as a fabric designer with not only one but two fabric collections, I’ve published seven online classes and became a Skillshare Top Teacher (one of the top 1% of all teachers on the entire platform) and there’s ten times more lovely people who follow my work and creative life online then it was a year ago…

On a more personal note the biggest news is that I’ve gotten married, to Adrian - the love of my life. And as we wanted to have the same surname and I absolutely adore his, I’ve changed my name to Maja Faber (previously Rönnbäck). With the name change comes a great opportunity for some rebranding and redesign of my website and I’m so excited to finally release my new brand and website for you today.

As I’ve been in business for a year there’s still a bunch of places online with my old name, Maja Rönnbäck. I’m working on changing them all, but this will take some time - so bare with me.

For now you can check out my new:
Instagram username: @maja_faber
New domain name: www.majafaber.com
New e-mail: hello@majafaber.com

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