LAUNCH of Faber Co website


I’ve always been a bit of a tech nerd. I really enjoy diving into technical issues and trying to find the best solution to solve them - as well as to learn everything about it. With Faber Co I get to nourish my inner nerd and Adrian his artistic soul - as we explore the world of creating digital design assets together.  Faber Co is where we combine our technical skills with our knowledge and experience in design and art to create carefully selected, high quality design assets to be used in your artwork. Read more about us here >>

We started Faber Co as a way of creating together. I’ve been interested in design assets myself since I first started to learn about graphic design and have both bought and created products for myself during the years - and we are both completely mesmerised by using the iPad as a design tool and to draw in the brilliant app Procreate.

We started a shop at Creative Market a few months ago. It’s such a great marketplace for design assets, but we also wanted to have a place that is ours where we could gather everything in one place - tutorials, brush demos, our web shop and to have a closer connection with our customers. This is why we have launched a Faber Co website and an Instagram account

Our new website is a place where you can learn more about Procreate and see our products be used in action. We want it to be a hub for creativity and learning, with the focus on our favourite design tool - the iPad.

To celebrate the launch we offer a 50% DISCOUNT on all of our products for 3 days (May 13 - May 16). Subscribe to Faber Co newsletter to get the discount code, click here.

Maja Faber